Photoshoot Available Dates
Monday - Friday 1pm-4pm
Saturdays & Sundays possible if not busy week
As Weather Permits

NOTICE: EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY for NON-fashion events is OK again

MODELS: Female 5’7” & up | Male 5’10” & up (Must be Experienced)
BLOGGERS: (Must have atleast 300 Instagram likes per post)
EVENTS: Fashion shows, parties, benefits, etc...)

FAQ Photoshoot for Model TFP + Blogger
Are the TFP pictures print quality?
- Yes, they are 20 megapixel photos, that can be printed up to 11x14 and even for billboard

Will I get the print quality photos?
- Yes, you will get all the original useable jpgs (in focus pictures) of the shoot.

Why are you shooting photos if you have a clothing label?
- Marketing + exposure, plain and simple.

Why do I have to sign a photo release?
- A lot of work goes in to scheduling, shooting, editing and posting the images.

Can I request to have my pictures taken down?
- You can always request to have your images taken down. If it is absolutely necessary, then yes, they will be taken down.

Why are you looking for experienced people only?
- The fashion industry has a lot of pros and cons. Working with people who are already experienced with those issues is preferred.

Outfits for shoot should be "parent-approved".